Frequently Asked Questions

What are the learning center's hours of operation?

Monday – Friday 7:15AM – 5:45PM

What are Peas in a Pod Teacher to Child ratio?

To foster learning, our school intentionally beats the state-mandated teacher-to-child ratios. We have THE BEST teacher-to-child ratios in town!

Infant Class 1:4 (state ratios 2:10)

Toddler Class 1:8 (state ratios 1:11)

Pre K Class 1:8 (state ratios 1:15)

Kinder Ready Class 1:9 (state ratios 1:18)

School Aged Class 1:10 (state ratio 1:26)

Are meals included for children at Peas in a Pod?

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Does Peas in a Pod have an enrollment fee?

Their is a deposit fee of $200 and a registration fee of $175


What policies are in place to ensure safety?

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Does Peas in a Pod provide diapers?

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Is Peas in a Pod open during holidays, If so which ones?

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